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Playgineering System

Innovative sports technology solution


A unique, innovative sports technology solution in the world of match-, player- and team-analysis systems. PlayGineering offers the best technology for video broadcast of sporting events, an affordable mobile match brodadcasting and analysis solution, furthermore an innovative video judging system for deciding on the situations and goals in question.


PlayGineering has invented new methods that haven’t exist in the market before! A unique, innovative sports technology solution in the world of match-, player- and team-analysis systems.


Fully automated, operator-free, multi-camera live tracking and streaming system developed for professional sports. PlayGineering offers the best technology for video streaming of sporting events.


An affordable mobile match broadcasting and analysis solution. The unique technology provides automated game recordings and real-time streaming to YouTube from three cameras.


An innovative video judging system for the decision-making required for the situations and goals in question, which supports the game and the game management in the most efficient way.


  • All this with the help of a body-mounted GPS READER, professional jersey number and ball tracking camera system and software.
  • The intelligent, software-controlled cameras installed at the edge of the pitch not only record the match from multiple angles, but also continuously monitor and analyse the movement of each player and the ball.
  • An excellent multi-sport solution for Handball, Football, Futsal, Basketball and Hockey.
  • The software, which is easy to use on a tablet or laptop, allows coaches to view key match situations from multiple camera angles, zoom in on the action and even draw tactical comments.
  • The system also provides detailed insight and statistics on: heat map, team movement, ball possession, player movement, player speed, player explosiveness, time on field, number of passes, shots on goal.
  • The resulting data can be retrieved from a cloud-based system at any time.


  • Professional goal line technology
  • Synergy of 3 components - ball tracking, targeted cameras and cameras set on the goal line
  • Tunable to real-time play, connect to any scorecard via card, cable or OCR camera
  • Goal line crossing monitor
  • Shooting release monitor
  • Ball field display and monitoring
  • Completely remote controlled from the operating room (analysis room, studio room)
  • A single platform for all sports
  • Cost-efficient
  • Multiple high speed cameras with a single server
  • High quality Full HD image
  • Fully portable mobile and modular solution
  • Slow motion playback, Zoom to capture every detail
  • Instant playback function for quick decision making
  • It can also be accessed remotely using the software


  • Use a fully automated system while optimizing your broadcasting costs. Mobile and modular solution provides fully automated robotic video recording and channel shuffling to use player tracking data
  • Automatic recording, mixing (editing) and streaming
  • Robotics with artificial intelligence
  • Real-time video recording and streaming
  • Broadcasting, web streaming, Playout, Video output
  • A single platform that can be used for a variety of sports
  • No cameraman required
  • No chamber required
  • Instant replay
  • Slow motion, frame-by-frame
  • Broadcast and stream
  • Automated, cost-effective video production for shows
  • Allows you to add layers, statistics, drawings, and graphics
  • Allows you to place ads and sponsored content in the broadcast
  • It allows you to reach a larger audience through cutting-edge technology
  • Online stream, match viewing is also an option in a subscription or payment system
  • Available in the following sports: Hockey, basketball, handball, futsal, volleyball and football


  • There are two FullHD cameras installed on each side of the track and a 4K UHD camera in the middle. Game tracking, zooming in and switching between cameras is fully automated. And the result is the same as if the recording was made by four operators
  • Completely mobile and easy to install approx. In 90 minutes
  • Advertising, ad addition function
  • Adaptive to different sports and arenas
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Fully automated recording and streaming
  • Real-time video recording and broadcasting
  • Computer control and artificial intelligence
  • A single platform for different sports